Goodwin Racing Low Profile MX5 Sway Bar Endlinks FRONT

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Sold As A Pair - Suit ND MX5


Good-Win Racing MX5 Sway Bar End Links for all 2016+ FRONT sway bar applications. Stronger end-links are a MUST for the front of the ND when you change to a stiffer sway bar and when you lower your MX5 you want adjustable end-links for correct geometry (bar ends level). Good-Win Racing Sway Bar End Links include TWO centre studs so that this one end-link has the widest range of adjustment of any end-link on the market. These can be adjusted from the same length as stock down to much shorter for lowered cars. The ball-joint style link end is housed in a CNC-machined aluminium housing, offering silent, smooth operation combined with excellent durability and performance.

Sold as a pair. You want a set of these for one front sway bar! These are for front ONLY, they are not required for the rear. You do not need to change the end-links in the rear when you add aftermarket rear sway bar because stock rear end-links are sufficient.

Stock end-link length (Front): 110mm
GWR end-link adjustable range: 115mm (max. length with long stud) to 78mm (min. length with short stud)

- Direct replacements for the stock end links.
- Can be used on both standard height and lowered vehicles.
- Can be easily installed using only simple hand tools.
- Comes complete with securing hardware.

Brian Goodwin

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES: Added coil-overs to our ND MX5 that are bigger diameter around the bottom than stock shocks and found that with some three hole front sway bars the stock link can bump the wider coil-over body and these fit flush enough to avoid that. Thus, particularly good upgrade for coil-over owners!