Ohlins New Road and Track DFV Coilovers For NA & NB MX5

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Super light-weight design with a majority of the parts in aluminium and on top of that all shocks have proven through extensive corrosion tests according to ISO 9227. The end result is a 2-year warranty on all of the Ohlins products - worldwide. Ohlins has lead the way for suspension design in the world of motorsports for decades.

This package comprises EXTREMELY LIGHT aluminium bodied, mono tube design shocks, with 25 clicks of adjustment. The beauty of the Ohlins is not only will your MX5 handle better, be easier to drive at the limit, but it will also ride better than stock. Spring rates on this kit are 450 pound front (7kg), and 336 pound rear (4kg).

This is a great choice for the dual purpose user who wants a setup that can be VERY comfortable around town yet super competent in the twisties, the race track, or the autocross course. See our Forum Installation Instruction section for notes and pictures on install.

Brian GoodwinHandling is more controlled light years beyond stock...we set top time of day in our local autocross on our first day out with these installed....simply amazing. Picture is of our NC version, the NA/NB kits include pillow ball top mounts at both ends! Exactly the same kit as the H/A version except with the DFV dual valving technology (see perfect shock dyno printouts in our forum).Application Notes from Brian: I have used Ohlins for decades in my motorcycles and have always been pleased with the ability of this brand to provide both great handling and great ride quality and the Ohlins MX5 coil-over kit continues this tradition. The ride is nearly stock-like yet far less busy.