Complete Upgraded MX5 Motor Mounts - 95 Durometer Pair

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AWR MX5 motor mounts

For the serious MX5 performance enthusiast we bring you polyurethane motor bushings for the NB8B/NB8C  Mazda MX5 in substantially upgraded mounts. The stock 1.8 MX5 soft engine mounts allow a great deal of motor much that autocrossers and track day racers have complained to us for years about high speed shifts that can be vague and difficult. The upgraded Mazda MotorSport bushings fix just half the problem but leave the weak stock MX5 motor mounts (which also tend to deteriorate over time).

These COMPLETE upgrade mounts dramatically reduce motor movement for much more precise operation of your shifts and much more direct application of power to the ground. PERFECT FOR TURBO RACE CAR APPLICATION.

Price is per PAIR...

Brian Goodwin

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES: We use a set of 70 durometer in our supercharged MX5. The 95 Durometer is so stiff it should be considered RACE CAR ONLY...track and autocrossers who also drive on the street should look to our 70 durometer mounts!!! Note they take about 650km's of use to break in. (photo shows stock piece on right)