GoPro Tow Hook Combo for the ND MX5

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The CravenSpeed Tow Hook is designed to stay on the front of your Mazda all the times. Since you are not always towing with it, it can be be set in two different positions. The hook will spend most of its time locked facing downward, just looking good and race ready. 

Then, on track day, you can quickly loosen the fat M10 bolt a little and put the loop in the ready position for towing. Most people use the Tow Hook on the front, but it suits the back hook eye as well.



This is a good looking and tough unit. Since it was machined from solid 6061 we were able to give the loop plenty of thickness to make it very strong. You can use it to tow your Mazda, but please not on the highway. We had some fun with the CravenSpeed mules and made the video below to show it towing around corners and up hill.

Sturdy Tow Hook Mount for The GoPro Motorports Hero

The CravenSpeed GoPro mount utilises the Tow Hook bolt on the front or back of all Mazda models to securely attach your video camera. The GoPro Motorsports Hero is a cost effective and safe way to get HD video of your runs. In fact, it's the world's best selling, wearable HD camera for sports. The camera has a weatherproof case, and records video on the camera's memory for easy playback on your TV or transfer to the computer for editing and uploading.

Compatible with GoPro® HD Hero 1 / 2 / 3 / 3+ / 4 (Including White, Silver, and Black Editions)
Do You Really Trust a Suction Cup?
The CravenSpeed mount is tough and reliable; the parts are machined from solid 6061 and bolted together with Stainless Steel hardware. We all know suction cups are extremely unpredictable. If you mount it on the windshield it may fall off on you while you corner, even if it had held for days before that. The consequence would be worse if your suction cup fails when mounted outside the car, not to mention the marks, dents and scratches that are associated with using them. With this unique front bumper perspective you not only see the road well, but you also hear the engine noise, not just wind!

Want to see a suction cup fail? Try here, here and here.