MX5 Engine Brace HARDER Bushing NC

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Racers, Super-sprinters, track day junkies, and other hard MX5 drivers have complained about a balking shift under high G loads and high RPM's.  It is especially noticeable with the 4th to 3rd downshift as the engine twists on the mounts due to the torque.

Adding this brace stabilises the engine and prevents heavy G loads from affecting your otherwise crisp shifts. Mounts to both the right front shock tower and the right front side of the head of the engine. Nickel-plated adjusters with black powder-coated bar and mounts will look great in your engine bay.

Brian GoodwinFITMENT NOTE: Does not fit with many shock tower braces because it uses the same connection point!BRIAN'S Application NOTES: Our 2007 MX5 had issues smoothly getting into third gear when pushed hard because the motor would be so leaned over that the alignment for the gear change was altered, and this brace cured the issue our shifts when pushing the MX5 are always smooth and always find the gate. This harder bushing version is for the hardcore track drivers because it will cause some vibration transfer just off idle.

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