KOYO Alloy Radiator To Suit NA MX5 High Performance 37mm "HyperCore"

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This Koyo MX5 Radiator fits 89-97 models ONLY.

Gain 50% capacity over stock MX5 radiator! This MX5 KOYO radiator upgrade installs with all OEM hardware... including the stock fans and thicker aftermarket sway bars!

We asked KOYO to make a unit slightly thinner MX5 radiator than their monster 55mm core and this 37mm unit is the result.

Also very popular with the spec MX5 racers because it cures most overheating issues.

All aluminium and incredible craftsmanship (not the simple massive fining and large cross tube styles you see on some cheap aluminium MX5 radiators which work fine at low speeds but do not cool well at high speeds).

This MX5 radiator will give your MX5 many years of quality service. Intended for manual transmission only. Includes factory style drain plug, does NOT include cap but takes the factory cap.

Install Notes: MX5 Air Conditioning was often installed at the port and not at the factory and there was not much consistency with the brackets. As a result, play close attention to the brackets that hold your A/C condenser to make sure they will not rub the new radiator. As needed, bend those brackets or disconnect the condenser and reconnect it IN FRONT of those brackets to get clearance.