NC MX5 ECU Reflash

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This is what we run in our road, race and Targa NC MX5's.  As with most manufacturers, Mazda left a lot on the table in terms of power availability when they designed the NC - especially the 2005-2006 versions.  Our reflash tune is a fantastic upgrade for any NC. In conjunction with our headers, we have seen gains of almost 20% over stock power!!

Years of tuning experience on the MX5 platform have produced what we arguably believe is the best "REFLASH" option for your NC. 

Options include raising the rev limit, idle and other parameters, removing security coding from race/non registered cars.

ONLY suitable for 2 litre NC's auto or manual transmissions.

You will need to send your ECU to us to complete the reflash so you will be unable to use your car until the reflashed ECU is returned and refitted.