Ohlins Road and Track DFV For MX5 ND Models

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The BEST MX5 coil-overs! Ohlins is the coil-over of choice used in the top level of motorsports including Formula One and Indy, why would you pick anything else if you insist on the best? This MX5 Ohlins kit is the latest step in the Ohlins Racing automotive philosophy.

Unlike the previous generation, NO TOP HATS included with our ND kit and you will need to re-use the factory top hats from your original shocks for installation. By using the factory top hats you will benefit from far superior ride quality on the street with reduced noise, vibration and harshness. Coil-over kits often include fancy aluminium top hats that use bearings instead of rubber, these are a great for a race car but they can be a bit noisy day to day on the street.

For the first time ever, Ohlins offer these coil-overs with TWO choices of spring rate.

Street: 7kg (392lbs) Front / 4kg (224) Rear

Race: 10kg (560lbs) Front / 6kg (336lbs) Rear

For our street and dual duty customers the 7kg front and 4kg rear is an excellent choice with our Progress Sway bars. For the track focused customer needing more spring rate for their sticky tires, the race spring rates of 10kg front and 6kg rear are available.