MX5 CERAMIC FINISH Headers RoadsterSport MAX Power - Suits NC Models - GR-009C

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Ceramic Coated MX5 Headers. Our regular version is polished stainless, which will bronze and blue in response to the heat of use. As a result, got some requests to do bright silver ceramic coating over the polished stainless, which improves long term appearance and performance (about 3% better dyno results with the ceramic coating, see forum 2012 project discussion).

Gorgeous! Nothing comes close to our famous RoadsterSport MAX Power MX5 Header! Look at those smooth curves! Sexy all T304 polished stainless steel is formed into equal length primaries for max power...with a 2 year warranty!

Mazda MX5 HeaderWe also put incredible effort into making the exit at the collector as smooth and perfect as we can get it because this collection point is the KEY to good header flow and we had to make sure this was done as perfect as possible. Note we use the factory collector our fit is as factory-like as possible.We have included a number of features into our MX5  headers which we believe customers will appreciate. We CNC machine the main flange to match the factory unit, including the bolt hole flange area thicknesses so that we are precisely replicating the factory fit to the head in terms of thread depth and space, etc.

Our collector outlet is 2.5 inches. Curiously, the factory outlet is ALSO 2.5 inches and then the factory exhaust chokes down after that point. For best performance customers should match our headers with our midpipe and exhaust so they are running 2.5 inches of flow all the way...but our MX5 headers will bolt in place of the factory headers and connect perfectly to the factory midpipe. Note that we have no O2 sensor connection in our part to keep flow as clean as we can get it but also because we could see no purpose in locating them in the header since doing so will throw a code because pulling the factory headers includes removal of the first catalytic converter.

TWO choices on what to do with the O2 sensors with our MX5 headers. Choice ONE is buy our midpipe which is designed to take both O2 sensors...and includes two O2 sensor before the midpipe's converter and one after the midpipe's converter to help avoid a code by simulating the factory installation
before. Second choice is to have an O2 bung welded by your local muffler shop before and after the factory second converter in the factory midpipe to replicate the setup we are doing with our midpipe. Both choices require extension of the O2 wires and WE NOW HAVE THE OPTIONAL SHORT and LONG O2 EXTENSION CABLES ON THIS WEBSITE to make the install plug and play!

Compare the short and uneven length factory headers primaries above to the equal LENGTH, LONG and SMOOTHLY curved primaries of the RoadsterSport MAX Power

....see complete installation instructions in our forum in the Instructions Section HERE. YES, fits both manual and automatic.BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES: This is THE MX5 header for peak power on the NC. Our normally aspirated customers making the most power, and our supercharger customers making the most power, are all using this header. The first converter is also a pretty good resonator so understand that installation of any header will raise the exhaust sound level about 20%. Therefore, we strongly recommend the RoadsterSport Q muffler with any header change because it was designed to handle the sound level of the header. YES, fits Manual and Auto trans, both LHD and RHD. Those with AUTOMATIC transmission should read our instructions on install first.


Take a ride in our 2006 with this full RoadsterSport MX5 Header, Midpipe and Exhaust;