Goodwin Racing MX5 Engine Drop Brackets

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Lowers the engine 1/2"

Fits both 2.0 and 2.5 MX5 engines. Works with both factory and aftermarket engine mounts.

Drops the 2.5L motor to the same effective height as the factory 2.0L. This lowers the centre of gravity for better handling and allows the 2.5L to fit underneath the factory shock tower brace. With these you can fit a supercharger to the 2.5L motor without needing to cut the bonnet for clearance.

Previously, the only way to lower the engine was with special engine mounts only available in "race" durometer. These brackets work with any engine mounts, including the factory mounts, so you can lower the engine without any negative side effects.

Use these on your 2.0L motor to lower the engine's centre of mass within the car for a competitive advantage.