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These Racing Beat headers are perfectly suited to the RHD application of the NC MX5 and fit both AUTO and MANUAL transmission 2 litre engines.

MX-5 Racing Beat Header. Manufactured entirely from 304-stainless steel to provide both outstanding durability and appearance, the Racing Beat 4-to-1 configured MX5 header is sure to offer the MX5 owner many years of performance driving. Racing Beat's exclusive, cast stainless-steel engine-to-header flange features specially designed exhaust ports that transition smoothly to the primary tubing. Large diameter 1.7" OD tubing has been used for the primary tubing, collecting into a specially configured collector assembly. Exhaust gas exits the MX5 header through an OEM stainless-steel rear flange, mating to the factory connecting pipe section or the Goodwin Racing midpipe .

Developed in-house by Racing Beat, this MX5 header underwent several on-chassis dyno test tuning sessions to determine specific tubing lengths, collector configurations, and optimum tubing position.

The stock engine-to-header gasket can be reused if there are no visible signs of distress or wear. (Mazda utilizes a heavy duty metal gasket which we have found can be reused several times.

Does NOT include O2 sensor extension cable - you will need to purchase the short one as listed on the website - part number 61-0098

The second "long" sensor extension cable is NOT required for Racing Beat Headers