RoadsterSport Super Street MX5 Exhaust SINGLE TIP ND Model GR-030 61-1787

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Stainless Steel PREMIUM ADJUSTABLE MX5 Exhaust. Helmholtz chamber design means All the amazing sounds, without the DRONE. Just over 6kg!

All the Goodwin RoadsterSport mufflers fit BOTH the 1.5 and 2 litre, either manual or auto transmission. The mid-pipe also fits the 1.5 manual transmission and the 2 litre in either auto or manual. 

WHY: Because you want to have fun!

HOW: Helmholtz Technology in a MX5 Muffler for the First Time!

WHAT: A late model MX5 Muffler that you can control, throaty burble when you want it with wide open the throttle, and super mild when you want to just cruise.

This is a heavily modified version of our all Helmholtz Race muffler that adds an ultra efficient high density resonator before the tip to lower the volume significantly while keeping the burble and playful character of our RoadsterSport Race muffler. We also dress it up with a unique ultra light version of our 3.5” RoadsterSport rolled tip pictured below to finish the look for our street customers wanting something more luxuriously finished than the aggressively lightweight Race muffler:

RoadsterSport Tip ND MX5

Result is a 6kg wonder of a street muffler, you get the great look of the RoadsterSport 3.5 rolled tip, the clean flow of 2.5” of pipe from start to finish with smooth mandrel bends on the shortest possible path from the mid-pipe to the exhaust cutout to max your horsepower gains...and minimal weight with these features.

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