EXTRA EXTRA - RoadsterSport RACE Stainless Steel Adjustable Sound Muffler ND GR-027

EXTRA EXTRA - RoadsterSport RACE Stainless Steel Adjustable Sound Muffler ND GR-027

MORE product details for the - RoadsterSport RACE Stainless Steel Adjustable Sound Muffler ND GR-027

We outfitted our new MX5 with a computer and sound spectrum analyser and microphones and drove it under varying conditions and loads with and without muffler. We then use that data and some special software to calculate the particulars of the Helmholtz chamber to precisely knock down the frequencies we do not want to hear in the car while allowing the good throaty burble to pass through. In brief, raucous when you want it, and mild when just cruising.

All this in a 5KG design, which is about half the weight of the factory muffler. Includes a straight through high flow design from the mid-pipe out the polished pipe tip for max power.

Uses stock hangers and connects to either our mid-pipe or the stock mid-pipe.

Takes our optional Race Baffle that slides in and lowers sound level for the extra long drives or between racing weekends.

Made in the USA.

Mild when cruising on otherwise stock ND, delivering a classic sports car BARK and THROATY RUMBLE when you wind it out to redline, lots of burble when just playing with the throttle around town. Result is TONS of fun, will make many of you laugh out loud. You also get the best performance from the straightest and cleanest flow out the exhaust cutout you can get, and much lower weight. Nonetheless, this choice is NOT for the faint of heart!!! The most common question we will get on this one is: "will it be too loud" and we cannot answer that one for you because the "right" sound level is a matter of entirely subjective personal preference. However, if our RoadsterSport SuperQ is 10 to 15% more sound than stock (depending on use of removable baffle), this RACE is a full 50 to 55% more sound than stock when on throttle, though perhaps just 20% over stock when cruising home in high gear and low rpm’s.

Slant cut to dress it up just a bit and drop weight to less than 5KG!


MX5 ND Race Exhaust Muffler

Installation of this MX5 exhaust is SUPER EASY...just two 14mm bolts to loosen! When you open the big box you will find separate foam wrap on the exhaust tip, leave that foam around the tip during your install to protect the polished tips and your car's soft plastic in the exhaust cutout. Use gloves. Note the 'bolts' from the factory are actually studs with springs and nuts and the factory usually jams the nuts on so hard that unbolting it will bring the stud out too. If that does not happen then use a 13mm long socket to unscrew the studs, or use jam nut technique where both nuts are put on one stud against each other and then wrench used on the inner of the two to back out the stud. Then lube up the stock exhaust hangers with dish soap and yank stock muffler back and forth to work the soap into the rubber hangers and then the muffler will slide off those rubber hangers easily. Then hang the new muffler on the wet and soapy rubber hangers and torque 'bolts' with the springs back in place to 30ft/lbs. Now you can remove foam tip wrap. Note the muffler to mid-pipe joint is a ball socket connection for the first time on a MX5, it is designed to move a lot, so please do not add sealants that will gum up that dry ball socket joint.

Ride Along with our RoadsterSport Race in a Launch Edition owned by U.S. customer Mark Booth below, big thanks to Mark for the great video!

Note the RACE does not include any baffle but we offer an OPTIONAL “Packed Baffle” that gives you the ability to quiet it down significantly. Adding our RoadsterSport Mid-pipe doesn't change the character of the sound but adds ANOTHER 20% more sound over and above what you get with the RoadsterSport Race. Below is a sample of that sound combo of our RoadsterSport Mid-pipe and this RoadsterSport Race muffler courtesy of our own Ryan Passey:

Fast Buddy Jeff Cawthorne laying down fast time in his new ND. Our RoadsterSport Race muffler adding some sound!