RoadsterSport RACE Stainless Steel Adjustable Sound Muffler ND GR-027 61-1733

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Most exhilarating MX5 race muffler right here, yet not for everyone! Less than 5KG! A Revolutionary Helmholtz Chamber Race Muffler for Max Audio Exhilaration Without Drone!


All the Goodwin RoadsterSport mufflers fit BOTH the 1.5 and 2 litre, either manual or auto transmission. The mid-pipe also fits the 1.5 manual transmission and the 2 litre in either auto or manual. 

Call it Dual Personality, Call it Jekyll and Hyde, this is the Rebel in our exhaust lineup and the sound level result depends on what you are doing with the gas pedal and the gear selection.

Slam the gas to the floor and run for redline and you get a wonderfully throaty throbbing exotic racing rumble with lots of burble. BUT when you close throttle you do NOT get the drone and cabin resonance of those pure race cars, instead it gets mild on deceleration, downright quiet when just cruising in top gear on the freeway. What we have here is the first MX5 Race muffler sane folks can really live with every day without annoying the family or the neighbours (unless they WANT to). Continuing with the dual personality, with the top DOWN it makes lots of noise as you work the gears, yet with the top up and cruising just a mild purr on mild acceleration and no drone when you close the throttle or engine brake or run light throttle up hill.

The secret to getting all this fun without the pain of drone on deceleration is the exclusive Helmholtz chamber included in this design. In fact, this design is ALL Helmholtz and no traditional sound absorbing materials unless you get the optional race baffle.

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