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NC MX5 ECUMX5 Parts provides an ECU reflash service for the NC MX5 and the most recent customer to receive the service, Kerri LW. - wrote back an email with a subject line that simply read "ECU - WOW";

Guy put in my ECU that you worked on and WOW. Even better performance than the one Guy lent me. Just wanted to say thanks! Kerri LW.

We provide a Try Before You Buy service so that our customers can compare the performance gains before committing. You then simply “plug and play”, replacing your stock unit with ours.  Run it for a few days and if you want to go ahead, simply send us your original ECU which we will reflash and send back.  Once you have refitted your ECU, then return our loaner one to us – SIMPLE!!

As with most manufacturers, Mazda left a lot on the table in terms of power availability when they designed the NC MX5  – especially the 2005-2006 versions. Our reflash tune is a fantastic upgrade for any NC MX5. In conjunction with our headers, we have seen gains of almost 20% over stock power!!