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Yes, there's lots of articles covering the differences (and similarities) of the ND MX-5 & the Fiat 124 BUT this one is different (click HERE for the comparison); Both cars are from the Good-Win Racing stable and loaded with every go-fast bit Brian and his team have developed including the RoadsterSport exhaust range, Ohlins coil-overs, brake upgrades and more. ...The Fiat sounds like a bull snorting wasabi, and everybody knows turbo noises are cool, too... The on-track winner was...no spoilers here - enjoy this great article from Grassroots Motorsports! 

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A real pleasure working on this immaculate ND MX5 which started with a set of Ohlins DFV coil-overs professionally fitted by our garage partners MX5 Mania; Today, we added a set of Progress Technologies Sway Bars from Goodwin Racing as well as the adjustable links; We then turned our attention to the factory mx5 headers and muffler. The Goodwin Racing RoadsterSport MAX Power MX5 headers are not only significantly lighter, they maintain the 2.5" pipe all the way to the mid-pipe and increase power (as well as noise;) ) The header installation requires only one of the O2 sensor bungs to be...

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Next up on the list of mods for our ND MX5 was the Progress Technologies sway bar combination. We combined these with the low profile front links Even without coil-overs these sway bars are a terrific improvement with the car feeling much tighter and flatter through twisty mountain roads yet not compromising the ride for everyday use. More mods on the way...stay tuned!

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