ND MX5 Upgrades

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ND MX5 Upgrades

A real pleasure working on this immaculate ND MX5 which started with a set of Ohlins DFV coil-overs professionally fitted by our garage partners MX5 Mania;

MX5 Ohlins Suspension

Ohlins MX5 Coilover

Today, we added a set of Progress Technologies Sway Bars from Goodwin Racing as well as the adjustable links;

MX5 Sway Bars

Sway Bar for MX5

We then turned our attention to the factory mx5 headers and muffler. The Goodwin Racing RoadsterSport MAX Power MX5 headers are not only significantly lighter, they maintain the 2.5" pipe all the way to the mid-pipe and increase power (as well as noise;) )

MX5 Headers

The header installation requires only one of the O2 sensor bungs to be relocated on the ND model MX5.

The Goodwin Racing RoadsterSport Super-Q Twin Tip was the ideal choice for anyone concerned with excessive noise. The MAX Power headers can increase the sound level by as much as 20% and the Super-Q is perfect for maintaining the power whilst keeping the noise level to around 10% over the factory system.

MX5 Muffler

As an added feature, we installed a set of Glass Packed baffles which allow the sound to be tuned with a number of variations - MORE HERE.

MX5 Twin Exhaust

MX5 Twin Tip

A quick wheel alignment PLUS the addition of the ever-popular MX5 Stubby Antenna by CravenSpeed and it was time for a test drive.

NEXT UP, brake upgrade...more soon!