Good News Week - MX-5 Edition!

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Good News Week - MX-5 Edition!

Here's some of the weird and wonderfull MX-5 stories and videos we discovered last week;

To start with, a curious video from the land that Donald Trump calls home - the Top 10 Reasons Nicole loves her Miata (MX-5);

We're still working on #1, the half-key???

We've all had that moment on the road and sometimes, on-track...does this look familiar;


Image curtesy of inkyrail on Reddit.

Next is a video from 'The Land of The Rising Sun' - no, we don't know what's being said but it's important to use your imagination;

We sincerely hope the driver was the substitute...

HYPERBEAST features images of two concept cars from SEMA based on the ND MX-5. This is an example of the MX-5 'Spyder' Speedster;

MX-5 Spyder

and plenty more images HERE.

What have you spotted online recently?!