How to custom tune your exhaust

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How to custom tune your exhaust

The Goodwin Racing RoadsterSport Super Q MX5 Twin Tip exhaust is unique in that you can dial the volume up OR down.

This triple attenuation chamber design muffler is the most mild twin tip MX5 exhaust of our choices and mellow on an otherwise stock MX5 ...about 20% louder than stock when on the gas...with a deep sporty burble anytime you hit the go pedal but nearly as quiet as stock when you just want to cruise.

HOWEVER... we include our exclusive baffle cone insert in the Tips which is REMOVEABLE and allows you to set the sound to sporty...or quiet. Also available is our optional packed baffle with which you can quiet it down even more. This system is 10% to 15% louder than the stock MX5 muffler on an otherwise stock MX5 exhaust system.

 More details including tech specs and features can be found HERE & HERE