Mazda MX5 NC Road To Track Build

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Mazda MX5 NC Road To Track Build

Road n Track

We recently built up a NC MX5 as a road car/track car for one of our customers in Melbourne. We started with an 2006 road car and completed the following work;

The front upper control arms were removed and some Whiteline bushes and offset pins fitted. This allows some extra camber to be dialled in.

The shocks were replaced with Ohlins DFV and the front and rear sway bars replaced with Whiteline adjustable ones Whiteline Sway Bars
Bushes & Shocks
Front and rear brake pads were replaced with Hawk HP Plus and and full system flush and race brake fluid added
At the rear the diff was removed to allow the OS Giken centre and 4.1 conversion to take place. Once refitted it was filled with the correct grade of synthetic diff oil.
The gearbox was removed and the flywheel replaced with a lightened one and heavy duty clutch kit fitted

Whilst out the gearbox had our usual bush conversion completed and the 3rd/4th adjustment done. The gearbox and turret oil replaced with full synthetic oil and the clutch hydraulics flushed and adjusted. More details HERE.


The stock exhaust was replaced with a set of headers, and a Roadstersport Street muffler and insert

Roadstersport Street muffler and insert[/caption] The stock midpipe was retained with the O2 sensors relocated and extension wires fitted.

One the engine side the oil and filter was replaced, cold air intake fitted and engine brace fitted


CAI & Pod


Finally the ECU reflashed including an increase in the rev limit.


Inside the seat was replaced with a race one and full harness installed. Fitting of the shift light completed the work in the cabin


The stock wheels were replaced with some 17x7.5’s and a set of Kumho V70 tyres


All Done!


Lovely Flanks

Finally the front bumper was refitted but made “quick release” to enable fast access to the front end. Road test and track day to come soon!!