Our ND Model MX5 Parts...MX5!

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Our ND Model MX5 Parts...MX5!

MX5 Parts ND MX5As we get asked about our ND and the mods we have and are planning we thought we'd create a series of posts about its development. Thanks to our great mates at West End Mazda, we have a Soul Red 2 litre, 6 speed manual ND.

First on the list of mods was the Goodwin Racing headers. As these were a new product from Brian and his team we were unsure whether they would fit the RHD application however we were able to determine that this would not be an issue.

MX5 Parts Headers

We are working with Goodwins regarding the LCB ones however initial measurements lead us to believe they probably wont fit in their current design. We then added the Roadstersport Super Q muffler.

RoadsterSport Super Q

Goodwin Racing MX5 Glass Packed Baffle and combined this with the Glass Packed Baffle - This give a great exhaust tone without any drone when cruising yet when you open it up it has an awesome note!!

Our next set of modifications will be a set of Progress Sway Bars...more on this upgrade soon.