Supercharged Success

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Supercharged Success

neil-and-certificateNeils Supercharged MX5 has cleared the final hurdles to become one of Australia's only legal, registered & insured Supercharged MX5's. We're very proud of this milestone which started at the end of September 2012 with an emissions test - More details HERE.

The process of achieving a successful result requires sampling (emissions) at different speeds and temperature in order to simulate real-word driving conditions. The emissions standards are incredibly stringent however we where confident that our custom tune would pass the test without issue (which it did!). Thanks to TDR-MX5Tuning.

Here's a video summary of the event;

The next step required Neils' car to be tested for it's braking performance now that it had significantly more power. The brake test involved almost 20 COMPLETE (0 km/h) stops from highway speeds in quick succession (no more than 45 seconds break between each brake - pun intended). Again, we passed this test without issue. Video summary below;

A weigh-in and a Dyno run completed the engineering requirements before all the results where submitted for review. The engineering company responsible for reviewing the data took only a few days to assess our efforts. This resulted in the delivery of an engineering certificate making Neil's Supercharged MX5 RTA legal!

This engineering feat would not have been possible without Neil's cooperation and faith as well as Jay's precision tuning ( Our sincerest thanks to you both.