The 'butt-meter' Factor

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The 'butt-meter' Factor

MX5-Goodwin-Racing-ComboTony S. ordered and fitted a the RoadsterSport Header & Midpipe to his 2006 NC MX5 back in October. A couple of months later and he's completed the Goodwin Racing trio with a RoadsterSport Super-Q and writes;

MX5 Exhaust...first run up a local steep climb demonstrated a much richer sound compared to the Roadstersport header/mid-pipe/oem muffler, not too loud but definitely purposeful with the overall system’s improvement in torque and power noticeable to the ‘butt-meter’**...


Tony also sent some updated pics starting with a shot of the OEM muffler with the following comments;

MX5 OEM...the OEM muffler is shown immediately before replacement by the SuperQ, a 25 minute job over a pit.  The after shot shows how much better the SuperQ sits up in the space behind the bumper although it seems a pity to hide the shiny bling.  Again, the workmanship and finish on the SuperQ is superb, a beautifully engineered piece of kit.....


MX5 MidpipeWe're stoked with the overall results and can only echo Tony's comments with regards to the RoadsterSport range from the guys at Goodwin Racing;

....A lovely burble on the trailing throttle completes the experience, just like Brian Goodwin’s video....

MX5 Headers** The Tony S. 'butt-meter' is an independent power quantification variable