The New ND MX5 Reveal

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The New ND MX5 Reveal

ND5Brian & Andi Goodwin attended the launch of the ND model MX5 last week and managed to grab some great shots of the interior as well as some sneaky video of the working models' underside. Here's what they had to say about the best selling sportscar ever!

ND-Revealed and usWe got to see the new ND generation Miata up close last week, and the future looks good!  The new car is compact in dimensions with more long hood/short rear deck proportions than any prior Miata, almost Baby Jag in proportion.

Wheels return to 4x100 pattern with 17 inch wheels on USA version mockup.  Designer said standard 16 inch with 195/50/16 tire, and package options will include the 17 inch with the 205/45/17.  Interior looks more high end than before, driver sits very low and back, tall guy like me should fit but getting in and out will be tough for some.

Overall I loved the new generation, and my wife concluded "MY new car looks sexy!"  Hope she lets me drive it!